[OpenWrt-Devel] Why does multiple instance dnsmasq work with jails but not without?

Daniel Dickinson openwrt at daniel.thecshore.com
Wed May 18 02:24:07 EDT 2016

Hi all,

I had a patch that I submitted to the openwrt list sometime back that
launched multiple instances of dnsmasq, so long as the instances were
either tied to specific, non-overlapping, interfaces, or used different
dns port, but at least in the case of different interfaces it only
worked (to my dismay) if jails were in use.  Without jails only a single
instance of dnsmasq would start.

Does anyone know why this is?

(The use case is to serve a guest vlan with a dnsmasq instance that
forced the to use the opendns familyshield filter (since the point of
guest vlan is you don't necessarily know how far to trust the people on
the guest vlan (for a separate wifi SSID)).


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