[OpenWrt-Devel] OpenWrt summit by prpl

Hauke Mehrtens hauke at hauke-m.de
Thu May 12 18:44:50 EDT 2016


When I use OpenWrt in this mail, I mean OpenWrt and LEDE, I hope we come
to a solution in the next days on this.

prpl wants to organize an OpenWrt summit again. Their goal is to bring
the community, industry and developers together. Currently this is in
planing and I want to know what should happen so that more developers
and more members of the community would come to such an event.

There are different ideas on how to organize such an event:
1. prpl organizes an event co located with the Embedded Linux conference
this October in Berlin.
2. prpl organizes an event co located with Battlemesh next year in May.
3. Some people from OpenWrt organize an event in Prague at CZ.NIC.
CZ.NIC would provide a location and local logistics, prpl could help
with finance.

It is also possible to do more than one solution or combine them.

Are there some people interested in organizing this by themselfs with
the help of CZ.NIC, then we could go with this solution?
If nobody is interested in organizing this I would like to see it co
located with the ELCE and the Battlemesh next year.

No final name for this event was chosen. The current suggestion is
"OpenWrt summit by prpl" or something similar.

Are there any comments on this?

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