[OpenWrt-Devel] [PATCHv2 001/001] [brcm63xx] Display the correct detected CPU ID

Graham Fairweather xotic750 at gmail.com
Mon May 9 07:30:53 EDT 2016

Thanks. I'm looking into that, but currently my system doesn't support 'git
send-email' and I'm researching why. My apologies for the noob spam,
I still have much to learn and mistakes to make. John has just pointed
me toward 'git am', which I also didn't know about. Thank you.

On 9 May 2016 at 13:23, Felix Fietkau <nbd at nbd.name> wrote:
> On 2016-05-09 13:19, Graham Fairweather wrote:
>> It wasn't my intention to spam the list. I asked for help on the
>> forum, I asked for help on IRC and I was told to try things. The
>> documents say if unsuccessful then try again. As a noob, it is not the
>> easiest process to follow, especially when something doesn't work. How
>> would sending the mail to myself, which I did by the way, help me
>> knowing what the problem was? Thanks for your patience and your
>> advice.
> If you send the email to yourself instead of the list, you can check if
> it came out right by trying to apply it. By the way, the easiest way to
> ensure that your patches are sent correctly is to use git send-email.
> - Felix
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