[OpenWrt-Devel] Introducing the LEDE project

Daniel Dickinson openwrt at daniel.thecshore.com
Fri May 6 09:40:34 EDT 2016

On 16-05-06 07:53 AM, Imre Kaloz wrote:
> On Thu, 05 May 2016 18:24:09 +0200, Daniel Dickinson
> <openwrt at daniel.thecshore.com> wrote:
>> On 16-05-05 12:21 PM, Jonathan Bennett wrote:
>> [snip]
>>>     > The changes that the Lede guys are suggesting would be welcome,
>>> but
>>>     > splitting the project and community with an ugly fork is very
>>> much not
>>>     > welcome.
>>>     Let's just say that there are strong personalities who haven't been
>>>     working well together and that this has been a long time coming;
>>> perhaps
>>>     if something like using a mediator had been considered before
>>> things got
>>>     to this point it would have helped.  At this point I'm not sure
>>>     there is a
>>>     solution unless both sides are willing to bend a little (I'm
>>> really not
>>>     sure who has been flexible and who has not, but as I have said I
>>> suspect
>>>     a large part of the issue is that 'management' (who aren't and
>>> don't,
>>>     really) has overruled those doing the majority of the work and in an
>>>     open source project that doesn't fly).
>>> I don't disagree.  I just see the current state of Openwrt/Lede as a
>>> mess for the community.
>> I agree, I just don't see how the LEDE team could have avoided it
>> without giving up and accepting the broken status quo.
> I hope you realize the LEDE team created most of that status quo.

In part that is why I came to my senses and realized that in my attempts
to understand the situation and make sense if it with insufficient
information that I made guesses and had impressions that may not be
accurate, and that calmer headers needed to prevail.

I am not totally convinced that LEDE is really going to be different,
for this very reason.  As I've said elsewhere, at this point time is
what will show the truth or falsehood of the claims made.


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