[OpenWrt-Devel] Introducing the LEDE project

Imre Kaloz kaloz at openwrt.org
Fri May 6 07:53:21 EDT 2016

On Fri, 06 May 2016 06:31:18 +0200, Luiz Angelo Daros de Luca  
<luizluca at gmail.com> wrote:

> (git shortlog -s -n | head -10)

You can do statistics various ways to tell various truths ;)

> 2) The remaining OpenWRT Core Team accept some (or all) terms of the LEDE
> Team. Face it. There were already most of the "OpenWRT Core Team". Now  
> give
> them the corresponding decision power.


> The ones with current decision power at OpenWRT will either give away  
> some
> of its power or they will lose it all (in favor of a rebooted OpenWRT
> leaded by LEAD or because it simply became irrelevant).

Well, blogic was the release manager and nbd was the lead developer.  
Please tell me what decision power did they lack.

Let's see what technical changes has been introduced in LEDE  

- swithing to git
- switching to timed releases
- getting rid of trac
- making patch submission easy
- stop upgrading to kernels not fully tested

These changes have been proposed by me and by others, blocked by nbd and  

Let's look at the rules (https://www.lede-project.org/rules.html):

1. sounds nice, already outruled by "2"
2. that was the case in openwrt from the beginning
3. same as "2"
4. I've proposed this with _1 year_ timeframe, blogic called me a fascist  
and blocked it with nbd
5. same in openwrt, the only exception back in time was when we didn't  
have a separate packages repo (so _package maintainers_ had access limited  
to own packages)
6. this was the case with openwrt from day 0. This is how even blogic  
became a developer fyi.
7. ok, the first difference - voted were not public, decisions became  
8. second difference - we've tried to be as independent as possible eve  
with the disadvantages that came as a price
9. some infra was in sole control of people in LEDE, others are not in  
their control (but almost never under a sinle person's control)
10. we do offer those - for developers representing the project
11. n/a

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