[OpenWrt-Devel] Calmer heads than mine...

David Lang david at lang.hm
Thu May 5 23:25:44 EDT 2016

I also think that it is utterly unreasonable to think that the differences are 
going to be resolved in the next few days/weeks. It took years to get to this 
point, and there are some very significant differences of opinion. There is 
going to need to be time for one side or the other to be proven right/wrong on 
various issues, and that is only going to happen with months/years of producing 
and maintaining the codebases.

The licenses allow both projects to pull from the other, so most of the hard 
technical work will end up being shared in practice.

The infrastructure and organizational work is a duplication of effort, but since 
that's where there is a lot of disagreement over the best way to do things, I 
think this is useful duplication, let time show which elements of each team's 
ideas work well.

I think the key thing right now is to keep the split from becoming toxic the way 
it sometimes has with other projects. If people can calm down enough to let the 
split become reasonably friendly, then I think a merge in a year or two would be 
a real possibility, with the resulting organization being stronger for trying 
the different approaches.

I was surprised and bothered by the extent of the posts announcing LEDE on so 
many different openwrt mailing lists and forum threads, and I was bothered by 
the OpenWRT response of shutting off the e-mail. The LEDE people still maintain 
some of the OpenWRT infrastructure and have said that they are willing to keep 
doing so.

So now that both sides have stepped on each other's toes, can everyone take a 
deep breath and look forward.

OpenWRT needs to fill holes left by the departing people, and think about what 
truth there is in their complaints, and plan how to deal with them while still 
maintaining progress.

LEDE needs to get infrastructure setup, make a release, and show that they can 
maintain it and respond to bug reports.

Let's let everyone get to work rather than defending themselves or lashing out 
at the other side, and see how things go over the next several months.

David Lang

On Thu, 5 May 2016, Daniel Dickinson wrote:

> Hi all,
> Sorry for sounding off so much yet again.  I've been trying to interpret
> events with a severe lack of information and have unfavourable guesses
> and impressions that may or may not be accurate.
> I do know that some of the developers have a history of not getting
> along, and that has hurt the project.  I also know that there are
> members of both sides who are frustratingly obstinate and/or
> antagonistic or downright nasty to people they disagree with.
> Which is why I'm not sure this rift can be healed.  I think it would be
> good if the saner elements (which is not me; I'm not on either side and
> I'm too impetuous and ready to make noise) who I think are the majority
> from both sides would communicate and come to an agreement that they
> imposed on the less reasonable elements of the groups they are currently
> part of.
> I think the calmer elements have gotten caught up in or the other of the
> less reasonable types battles, and that if the calmer elements could get
> it together it would benefit the community as a whole
> Regards,
> Daniel
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