[OpenWrt-Devel] Introducing the LEDE project

mbm mbm at openwrt.org
Thu May 5 15:22:29 EDT 2016

On 5/5/2016 7:40 AM, Felix Fietkau wrote:
> Many of the changes that we previously tried to introduce were often 
> squashed by internal disagreements. Resulting discussions often turned 
> toxic quickly and led to nothing being done to address the issues. 
> Setting up the LEDE project was our way of creating a testbed for 
> changes that we believe are important for the survival of the project. 

Change is not easy. Discussions need to happen. The problem is simply 
kicking out people you didn't agree with by starting a new organization 
in secret; you've created the public perception that we're somehow 
against you when really we all want the same things.

> A critical part of many of these debates was the fact that people who 
> were controlling critical pieces of the infrastructure flat out 
> refused to allow other people to step up and help, even in the face of 
> being unable to deal with important issues themselves in a timely 
> manner. This kind of single-point-of-failure thing has been going on 
> for years, with no significant progress on resolving it. In the LEDE 
> project we decided to significantly simplify the infrastructure and 
> spread out admin access enough to minimize the chance of this 
> situation ever happening again. 
> While we have pushed for and actively worked on decentralizing the
> infrastructure, we were also frequently asked to move back to
> centralizing things again.
> The excessive downtime of the main site this year is a good example of
> why we definitely don't want to go that way.

I'll let Kaloz address this personally.

> Do you think we can get the changes outlined by the LEDE project
> implement in OpenWrt? If so, how?

We can start by having an actual conversation between the two groups. 
I'm not against what LEDE was trying to accomplish, but I am against how 
it was done.

> We appreciate your effort to have an open discussion about this, 
> however the sudden deletion of our widely published openwrt.org email 
> addresses somewhat undermines this. We will not respond in kind and we 
> will continue to maintain the critical parts of OpenWrt infrastructure 
> that we control.

Let's be clear on this subject; no commit access was revoked, you still 
have full read and write access to the entire OpenWrt tree.

Email forwarding was temporarily disabled following the LEDE announcement
- LEDE's own rules prohibit project based email addresses
- It's unclear if LEDE still represents OpenWrt

My hope is that this whole LEDE vs OpenWrt situation can be resolved.
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