[OpenWrt-Devel] Introducing the LEDE project

Alexander Dahl post at lespocky.de
Wed May 4 15:40:26 EDT 2016

Hei hei,

On 04.05.2016 20:57, Roman Yeryomin wrote:
> Well, like you said yourself, why they didn't start discussing the
> problems (and possible solutions) in open space then?

I can not speak for OpenWRT or LEDE developers, but let me give an
example on one topic I watched the last weeks, which several people
tried to discuss openly: download mirrors. From my point of view the
need for mirrors to be synced easily was communicated here on this list
and at the forum. On neither place I saw any commitment from someone
speaking for OpenWRT. There was just no feedback at all for weeks,
although a lot of people offered help and tried to explain what is
needed and why.

If this is the usual way for OpenWRT, then I can understand the
frustration which led to such a fork.

Oh and I second the thoughts to the chosen new name. It's hart to image
how to pronounce it correctly and you would probably end up spelling and
explaining it all the time. ;-)


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