[OpenWrt-Devel] OpenWRT ppc44x target & the APM821XX SoC

Chris Blake chrisrblake93 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 30 19:00:19 EDT 2016

Hello everyone,

Quick Question about the ppc44x target. I am currently working on
porting over a PowerPC Device that uses the APM821XX SoC (464-based)
but the closest current target would be ppc44x, which seems to be a
bit outdated and lacks support for some system level integration
(LED's, sysupgrade scripts, etc.). I was able to get OpenWRT up and
running by creating a new device target for this SoC, but I was
curious on the best way to get this merged upstream.

The device in Question is a Cisco Meraki MR24, which has a APM82181
800Mhz SoC, 128MB DDR2 RAM, and 2x Atheros PCIe wireless cards. The
current working code can be found at
https://github.com/riptidewave93/Openwrt-MR24 but I was curious on
which of the following is the best way to move forward:

1. RFC the current code (new device target for this SoC) for review.
2. Create a new apm821xx subtarget for the ppc44x target, and RFC for review.
3. Other ideas?

I am also aware of another developer working on porting over another
device that uses this SoC, so it would be nice to know which path of
action is recommended as other PPC targets (ex, mpc85xx) have been
branched out in the past.

Thank you for your time.

Chris Blake
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