[OpenWrt-Devel] opkg upgrade all

Michal Hrusecky Michal.Hrusecky at nic.cz
Tue Mar 29 03:44:30 EDT 2016


there is a patch in OpenWRT that disables option to upgrade all packages and
allows upgrading only specified packages which leads to plenty of answers
online how to do that[1][2][3][...] Does anybody remembers the reason for
disabling it? The only thing I can think of is discouraging people from doing
upgrades and encourage them to reflash new squashfs image as they might not
have enough free space. But as you can see, people will try and do it anyway so
it might be a good idea to let the command there as it will be probably safer
with integrated command than with random scripts on internet. Or is there some
other reason and some real problem?

[1] https://sandalov.org/blog/1777/
[2] https://www.codeden.net/2015/05/upgrade-all-openwrt-packages-with-a-single-line-command/
[3] http://blog.vanutsteen.nl/2014/01/12/openwrt-upgrade-all-packages/
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