[OpenWrt-Devel] Question regarding call python script

Jason Wu jason.wu.misc at gmail.com
Sun Mar 13 22:55:19 EDT 2016

On 13/03/2016 8:41 PM, Bastian Bittorf wrote:
> Using n-dimensional arrays in build scripts is
> a rare usecase. you can easily switch to AWK if this
> fits more. But using Perl or Python should be avoided,
> because it adds more complexity to the dependencies
> and leads to more headache when maintaining:

Just to be sure, are you saying that we should also avoid indexed array 
in bash? It is possible to create n-dimensional arrays with indexed 
array. The main reason for this is to be sure that I am on the right track.

IMHO, every script language has it own pros and cons. But for a complex 
build system (such as buildroot/openwrt), consistency, compatibility and 
dependencies are difficult to maintain and also makes difficult for 
testing (the number of possible test required to ensure the 
compatibility increases exponential as we add more dependency). For 
example, RHEL5 uses bash version 3.x which does not support associated 
array. Sometimes some of the dependency can be avoid and best to avoid 
from maintainers point of view.

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