[OpenWrt-Devel] [PATCH v3] ipvs: Linux IP Virtual Server kernel modules (netfilter.mk patch)

Mauro Mozzarelli mauro at ezplanet.net
Fri Mar 11 12:30:10 EST 2016

I am trying to find the syntax by reverse engineering the mk files I find, but I cannot
find enough options. So I need some help.

So far I have seen full linux versions like LINUX_4_1 or LINUX_4_4.

What if the rule applies to all linux 4.* or linux 3.*?
Can I use LINUX_4 or LINUX_4_X (guessing as in here

What does @! mean before LINUX_4_4 ?

Is it advisable to create two different packages, one for kernel 3 and one for kernel 4
or is there a more clever way to manipulate KCONFIG and IPVS_MODULE variables depending
on the kernel version?

Thank you

On Fri, March 11, 2016 17:20, Martin Blumenstingl wrote:
>> The ftp module is in kernel 3, but not in kernel 4 for which the patch was built.
>> Is there a way to include modules conditionally dependent on the kernel version?
> sure, you can either exclude .ko files from the package/AUTOLOAD (see
> [0]) or make a whole package depend on specific kernel versions (see
> [1]).
> [0] https://dev.openwrt.org/browser/trunk/package/kernel/linux/modules/crypto.mk#L111
> [1] https://dev.openwrt.org/browser/trunk/package/kernel/linux/modules/crypto.mk#L30
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