[OpenWrt-Devel] NetJSON status at the beginning of 2016

Nemesis nemesis at ninux.org
Tue Mar 1 09:11:47 EST 2016

Hi everyone,

last year I announced [1] an initiative to create a few common JSON data
structures to improve interoperability,
you can find that announcemente at:

More than 1 year has passed since that announcement and today we have an
RFC [2] and a few implementations [3].
The RFC has not been sent to the IETF yet but it is our intention to do
so in the coming months.

The "DeviceConfiguration" object [4] is particularly relevant for
OpenWRT, because it has been inspired a lot by
the ubus output.

The two implementations that deal with configurations are netjsonconfig
[5] and django-netjsonconfig [6].

Since the RFC is still draft version 0, there's still wide room for
improvement before sending it to the IETF
and thatis why I'm sending this email: I invite anyone interested in the
subject to participate in this process now rather than later.
Please forward this email if you think other groups might be interested
in participating in the discussion.

Federico Capoano

[1] announcement:
[2] NetJSON RFC: http://netjson.org/rfc.html
[3] NetJSON implementations:
[4] DeviceConfiguration object: http://netjson.org/rfc.html#rfc.section.5
[5] netjsonconfig: http://netjsonconfig.openwisp.org/
[6] django-netjsonconfig: https://github.com/openwisp/django-netjsonconfig
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