[OpenWrt-Devel] [PATCH 1/2] layerscape: add ls1043ardb-64b target

Yutang Jiang yutang.jiang at nxp.com
Mon Jul 25 23:18:44 EDT 2016

Hi Zoltan!

I'm working on fix some conflict issue while upgrade kernel to 4.4. And previously our team have plan to support both 32b and 64b on ls1043, now I'm combining 32b patch with 64b patch to 4.4 kernel openwrt patch, unfortunately, also encounter some conflict, so I need more time to resolve them.

Question 1: yes, I think so. Current phase, I focus on kernel/platform/openwrt target related porting work, u-boot can using our SDK release images temporary.
Question 2: yes, we also plan add others board supporting on openwrt/lede. My colleagues working on some kernel patches upstreaming, after porting ls1043 to openwrt, our test team also will do some features and performance validate work. When encountering difficult problem, I will ask for your advice. Thanks Zoltan for your enthusiasm!

Hi Jonas,

Because ls1043 will both support 32b and 64b, it need different compiler, while update patches, I should reserve subtargets to distinguish them. The update process is a bit slow for more work at hand. Once finish update work, I will send the second version patch immediately.

Thanks & Best Regards
Jiang Yutang

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Hi Jiang,

Yutang Jiang wrote:
> Hi Jonas,
> Thanks you for your advise!
> It is first time for our team to submit patch to Openwrt, we will following your suggestion to update our patches.
> Summary:
> 1.update codebase to 4.4 kernel.
> 2.merge two patches to one and put it on github repository.
> 3.remove README.ls1043ardb, then add this information to the wiki.
> 4.update image build code to Device/* sections 5.find Build/check-size 
> and Device/Build/check_size, replace checkimagesize.sh 6.minimize 
> kernel config.
> 7.replace subtargets with device/profile.
Thanks for sending this patchset to support the Layerscape 1043 boards. 
If any further help is needed with porting to 4.4 or further, how the patches should look or how the image building should work, please send us a line, we're happy to help. I'd have two questions here :)

 - Do you plan to send a package/boot patch for building u-boot for the board? It might be just me but I didn't see it among the patches.
 - May I ask about the interest for NXP in having this board supported in OpenWrt? Is there anything we can help in?

Zoltan H
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