[OpenWrt-Devel] Adding TL-WA850RE v2 support, eth0 not working

Kris Braun kris.braun at gmail.com
Sat Jul 23 23:40:52 EDT 2016

I'm having trouble getting Ethernet working while developing a patch to add
support for TL-WA850RE v2 based on TL-WR841N v9. Using a PC that connects
to stock OpenWRT on a WA850RE v1, ethtool shows a connection but arp shows
"(incomplete)" (i.e. no MAC address). All commands like telnet fail with
"no route to host".

Can anyone suggest changes or debugging I should try?

I tried leaving everything exactly as TL-WR841N v9 with the exception of

Then I changed the eth init to only init eth0 like this:

ath79_switch_data.phy4_mii_en = 1;
ath79_eth0_data.phy_if_mode = PHY_INTERFACE_MODE_MII;
ath79_eth0_data.phy_mask = BIT(4);
ath79_eth0_data.duplex = DUPLEX_FULL;
ath79_eth0_data.speed = SPEED_100;
ath79_init_mac(ath79_eth0_data.mac_addr, mac, 0);

And changed 02_network to only init eth0 like this:

ucidef_set_interface_lan "eth0"

Interestingly, with the first approach (no changes), a LED flashes when
Ethernet is connected which doesn't happen for the second approach. But
neither seem active at the ARP level.

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