[OpenWrt-Devel] [RFD] Future telephone meeting

Hauke Mehrtens hauke at hauke-m.de
Thu Jul 14 08:07:43 EDT 2016


Like I said I would prefer a telephone conference over an in person
meeting, because that would not exclude people who can not effort
traveling. We could have an in person meeting afterwards.

As nothing happened in the last week regarding this topic I created this
dudle to find a time when we can have a telephone meeting. All OpenWrt
core developers and all LEDE committers are encouraged to take part in
the meeting. Please fill out the dudle to find a date and time:

The suggested dates are from 21.7 to 31.7. The first suggested time slot
starts at 9 AM CEST and the last time slot starts at 10 PM CEST. The
meeting will probably take one hour.

Has anybody a suggestion what tool to use? Google handouts, fuze, other

Many of us will probably be at the Embedded Linux conference Europe
(ELCE) in Berlin from 11. to 13. October 2016, John suggested that we
should meet there in person in addition to a telephone conference. The
prplWrt summit will also take place as part of the ELCE. I hope we can
solve most of the problems before October. I have nothing planed for
ELCE, but taking part at an potential meeting should be possible without
paying for ELCE.

To not exclude people having problems with traveling, it would be good
if we could solve most of the problems before the ELCE.

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