[OpenWrt-Devel] mini_snmpd: coming back to openwrt soon & other matters

Luke McKee hojuruku at gmail.com
Wed Jul 6 19:19:40 EDT 2016

Hey Devs,

mini_snmpd went to oldpackages because the original developer's page
went offline a few years ago, however it's been taken up by a new
maintainer who's implemented all the previous 1.2b openwrt patches in
a more ingenious way. The other fork isn't worth considering.

Here's my first attempt at writing a procd init script that isn't
properly documented on openwrt or lede, both marked WIP.


The script uses all the features of mini_snmpd unlike the old one and
can even be bound to a dynamic interface like a ppp link and restart
as needed.

Also shellcheck.net is awesome!

Some questions I still have outstanding before I do the pull request,
I asked on lede-dev but nobody answered because I outed myself as
someone who doesn't support gay marriage then got banned for taking
the bait when a few pushed on the issue and said it's homophobic to
critize my family's persecution by the mafia. I won't spout my story,
but here's my fathers
http://truthnews.com.au/web/radio/story/cultural_marxism_101 2nd hour.
Mine involves never seeing my first born child due to the actions of a
now convicted gay pedophile police officer (see videos on

 Speaking of bait I only went to #lede-dev because there are people on
FreeNode #openwrt all day long like plntk that are constantly poaching
openwrt users and saying they need to run lede trunk to solve all
their wifi troubles. Also with Lede-devs trying turn a offer for
hosting into a offer for 2TB of space or more for a continuous
integration compute cluster things might be getting interesting soon.
If it wasn't for IRC I wouldn't have tried it.

<plntyk> Skyrider: well - the last comment refers to lede (an openwrt
fork/spinoff) -you can see the progress at https://lede-project.org/ -
the wireless drivers recently changed again (in the last week) - and
since that unit is new I would advise to use a trunk/snapshot image
and then report if you have issues

My two cents on the split is openwrt.org should put someone full time
like ffmpeg vs libav with the same problem did constantly merging in
all of lede's changes + all openwrt changes. After alot of work the
rival will eventually be put to bed by their parent. I know libav will
be. It's in sabayon they are considering removing it and going back

OK now those init script questions for Crispin or anyone else who knows procd

1) should I use logger in procd or does procd have some other way of
logging messages from init scripts? echo is good?
2) Is there any real benefit to doing a #procd_add_validation
validate_section_mini_snmpd? What's it for? Luci uses it? More info
3) No documentation on seccomp apart from a LKML post, need more.
mini_snmpd could do with a patch to run as nobody after binding to the
interface, but would that work? can it stat the filesystem free space
if it doesn't have access to the mountpoint?
4) I might have found a strange bug with jsonfilter. It's adding
whitespaces to variable results it returns it can break things:
5) anything else wrong with the script before I add the validation
code (needs documentation) and do the pull request?

To make my pppoe lan party trend take off in Vietnam thanks to lax
security on the fibre GPONs - all I need to do is fix rp-ppoe (again
another oldpackages) and get some VN special openwrt TP-LINK OEM
modified routers working. If anyone has experience adding new TP-Link
routers to openwrt you can get the split factory firmware (not
available for download on their website). Also how may I go about
petitioning TP-Link to give me some OEM only firmware. Apart from a
single white sticker on the box it came in it looks exactly like a
regular TP-Link 841nd v9.2 - just different flash I think.



<hojuruku> i got the got tghe init script going. Is there any benefit
or reason for having procd do uci validation. Would the luci folks
want that?
<hojuruku> procd has no developer documentation so it was fun working
it out. here's the code
<hojuruku> i don't know what is the point what is your chances of
taking a pull request when I'm done. the lede guys hate me because i
disrespected those who abuse infants.
<hojuruku> it would be funny if blogic was just like the guy who
created systemd :P oh sorry.
<plntyk> you were discussing non lede related things in public irc
<plntyk> and you were asked to stop but did continue
<hojuruku> after you bring it up. yeah who cares if i'm in the same
boat as snowden and assange. no big deal. i bet those two guys  better
shut their gobs too http://bit.ly/aurefugee2 - UNHCR confirmed
political refugee.
<plntyk> the channel is a developer channel for discussing developer
related things like C
<hojuruku> so those who write ash scripts can stick it up their ash?
<hojuruku> you didn't see my comment earlier about what i think about
this whole lede vs openwrt thing now i know better.
<hojuruku> oh the perks of forking off from your master. you can
demand free hosting accounts is the latest. oh no .. we don't want
your hosting - we want a free continuous integration  compile cluster
with 2TB please... Maybe if I want that much free hosting - I could go
along to an opensource project, stab them in the back and fork it.
Seriously.. you guys better make up soon.. it's not looking good.
<hojuruku> so when do you get massive hosting credits worth a few
thousand bucks for leaving openwrt and not working out your
differences? it's like wives to divorce their husbands so they can get
double income, one male slave on child support and the other paying
for the privilege of sex. that's like the openwrt lede/divorce. look
at the motives for it now.
<hojuruku> how is your free digital ocean.. ahem now compute cluster
coming along?

<hojuruku> if it turns out lede is gay cleek it will be like brendan
etch vs mozillia all over again because some corrupt IRS people leaked
his private info he gave money to prop 8 in California and then the
queers brag he lost his job. Who cares if the guy invented the modern
web browser ahem javascript - he doesn't support gay marriage - he has
no place in web browser development! get him out! NOW!

<hojuruku> you can't say that last irc msg ^^^ isn't about software
development or relates my situtation with lede. :P
<plntyk> sorry i dont see any argument - the CI is currently done by
openwrt and not lede
<plntyk> and both have nearly the same buildbot setup
<hojuruku> plntyk: seen the lede mailing list and IRC? not for long
buddy nbd and others are trying to turn an offer of free hosting into
a 2TB compute continuous integration cluster. "I'll take your free
hosting offer with an 2TB upsize please"
<hojuruku> don't pretend you didn't' see all that mate.
<hojuruku> lede will be gobbled up like ffmpeg gobbled up libav. it's
only a matter of time.
<hojuruku> i wonder how long a re-branded android fork would last? oh
someone like google has lawyers.
<plntyk> I did not make any offer - what are you referring to ?
<plntyk> i dont even have money to spend on such hosting stuff
<plntyk> Why would lede be "gobbled" up ? by Whom?
<hojuruku> plntyk: the hosting offers are from smaller companies?
Small companies give away 2TB free to #lede-dev ? Digital Ocean?
Small? They are up there with amazon.
<hojuruku> too much lies and spin for me to even read what he writes.
<hojuruku> take it to lede-dev.
<plntyk> hojuruku: digitalocean is different from amazon - they are
not traded publicly and are still in funding phase - some commercial
entities like to use seoftware projects to test their infrastructure
and gain knowledge/experience
<hojuruku> plntyk: that thrash me with 1000s of paid google adverts
when i was a linode customer before their XXX customer service manager
did an illegal warrantless dump of my linode, just like how they stole
all those millions of bitcoins
<hojuruku> https://techcrunch.com/2015/07/08/digitalocean-raises-83m-series-b-round-led-by-access-industries/
83 million dollars, wow not big...
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