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Noah Meyerhans frodo at morgul.net
Sat Jul 2 02:26:34 EDT 2016

On Wed, Jun 29, 2016 at 03:13:25PM -0700, Florian Fainelli wrote:
> > I am against a Face-2-Face meeting. I think not everybody can travel to
> > some other country for some 100$ on a short notice. For people that do
> > OpenWrt/LEDE for a living and have their own company or get support form
> > a company this is probably not problem, but some people have other jobs
> > beside OpenWrt/LEDE and have to take some days off and then pay the
> > money for traveling. The purpose of LEDE was to focus more on the community.
> > 
> > I am for a telephone conference like google hangout or this fuze meeting
> > prpl uses, to make it easy for everybody to participate.
> Pretty much on the same boat as you here, and on the west coast of the
> US, so not very easy to travel in a short notice. If you actually meet
> F2F and have the ability to make people join via Audio or Video that
> would be terrific.

One thing I've learned from being involved in Debian over the years is
that face to face meetings can be hugely benefitial for building
community (see Debconf, happening right now in South Africa). In part
this is because in-person meetings allow for substantially more
bandwidth between participants, so it's quicker and easier to come to
agreements. Beyond that, though, participants interact with each other
as people, with all the extra considerations that come along with that.
Casual conversation over lunch or at a pub at the end of the day, for
example, really helps to break down barriers between people. So I think
it's a really good idea for people to get together.

A couple of details about Debconf that may be worth considering:

1. The organization solicits help from sponsors in order to help
subsidize travel costs for people who need it. I doubt that either
OpenWRT or LEDE are in a position to do this right now, but it may be
something to consider for the future.

2. Debconf is held in a different city (often on a different continent)
each year. This helps to ensure that burden of travelling is distributed
as evenly as possible. Whether or not additional meetings happen in the
future is unclear, but it'd be good for them to happen in different
parts of the world if they do.


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