[OpenWrt-Devel] loading calibration data from UBI volume

Martin Blumenstingl martin.blumenstingl at googlemail.com
Sun Jan 31 17:38:06 EST 2016


currently we (Mathias and I) are planning to simplify the installation
procedure for a lantiq based device (HH5A).
Currently the installation steps require copying the calibration data
from an UBI volume on the original firmware and moving the data to a
separate mtd partition. This way the mac-addresses and ath9k caldata
can be given using phandles to that partition in mtd-mac-address and

However, to simplify the installation we would like to get rid of
those manual steps and leave the caldata as an UBI volume.
This brings up two problems:
1. mtd-mac-address cannot be used anymore because we don't have an mtd
device anymore
2. ath,eep-flash has the same problem

I have come up with two ideas for which I'd like to hear your comments
(other ideas are always welcome too):
- moving all handling from kernel-space to userspace by utilizing the
request_firmware() mechanism (this might cause problems because on the
lantiq target the ath9k caldata is needed very early for the PCI fixup
- implementing ubivol-mac-address and ath,eep-ubivol (= similar to
mtd-mac-address and ath,eep-flash) which get the name of an ubi volume
and the offset passed

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