[OpenWrt-Devel] [PATCH 1/6] [kernel] ath9k: enable GPIO access for ar9287 and ar9285

Michal michal.cieslakiewicz at wp.pl
Tue Jan 26 19:04:15 EST 2016


Hartmut, thanks for your input and help, it is always welcome.

> [...] Why not create the gpio_chip just
> based on the fact, if a supported AR928x device is present or not?
> The support code will be there, already. So, the additional footprint
> of the gpio_chip is pretty small.

I agree that ath9k GPIO chip should be visible regardless of
LED and/or button presence, I wanted to implement this later,
but it seems quite stable now so here it is - changed as requested.

I spent some time reorganizing patches to form more logical
entities - at least IMHO each of them is now providing complete
functionality, enhancement or fix. Due to changed structure, I
decided to attach all new patches to this thread, not to old ones.

I have also adjusted text formatting. Everything fits 80 cols.

Applied to r48508, compiled, it works. The only thing that has changed
from last trunk build is minor issue - it appears that empty PACKAGES
line in netgear.mk is not working anymore. USB modules sneaked
somehow into build image for my WNR2000v3 so for now there is only 108K
left in /overlay.

Best regards
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