[OpenWrt-Devel] uclient-fetch & SSL WAS:Re: DD: CONFIG_BUSYBOX_DEFAULT_WGET is not set

Bastian Bittorf bittorf at bluebottle.com
Sun Jan 24 03:28:23 EST 2016

* Martin Tippmann <martin.tippmann at gmail.com> [24.01.2016 09:10]:
> Sorry if I was not clear - I meant uclient-fetch not wget.

me too, i showed the link /bin/wget which *is* uclient-fetch

> # opkg list | grep uclient
> libuclient - 2016-01-21-b9808a8c3a8922ed8df4e6fe45848ac2e52f13be
> uclient-fetch - 2016-01-21-b9808a8c3a8922ed8df4e6fe45848ac2e52f13be

the same here.

i'am running olsrd-git and there where a lot of fixes regarding
the HTTP interface. i will try to downgrade and reproduce the issue.

bye, bastian
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