[OpenWrt-Devel] [PATCH 3/3] package/network/config/qos-scripts: Drop ifconfig and use ip command instead

Bastian Bittorf bittorf at bluebottle.com
Fri Jan 22 02:06:27 EST 2016

* Daniel Dickinson <openwrt at daniel.thecshore.com> [22.01.2016 07:55]:
> >>-		export dev_${dir}="ifconfig $dev up txqueuelen 5 >&- 2>&-
> >>+		export dev_${dir}="ip link set $dev up txqueuelen 5 >&- 2>&-
> >This doesn't actually work...
> Is it unsupported by busybox ip applet?  It is correct on fedora, but

seems like:

root at box:~ ip link set $WANDEV up txqueuelen 5
ip: either "dev" is duplicate, or "txqueuelen" is garbage

bye, bastian
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