[OpenWrt-Devel] [PATCH 0/5] Smooth install/uninstall of full version alongside busybox

openwrt at daniel.thecshore.com openwrt at daniel.thecshore.com
Thu Jan 21 12:54:40 EST 2016

There are a few packages in base and quite a number in packages feed that
replace busybox applets with full versions of the applicable command(s).

This patch series implements a common infrastructure for consistent

Basically the full version is configure to install into a non-conflicting
location (e.g. if busybox is in /bin then full is /usr/bin and vice
versa) and the busybox symlink replace with a symlink to the full version.

On uninstall the symlink to the full version is replaced by a symlink to
the busybox applet.

This avoids the situation where installing and then uninstalling a full
version results in a broken system due to missing busybox symlinks,
as well as taking care of full versions not actually getting used
due to PATH pointing to the busybox version version.



[PATCH 1/5] include/package: Add generic macro for replacing BusyBox
[PATCH 2/5] package/utils/bzip2: Allow install/uninstall alongside
[PATCH 3/5] package/utils/util-linux: Allow smooth install/uninstall
[PATCH 4/5] package/network/utils/iproute: Allow smooth
[PATCH 5/5] package/network/utils/iputils: Allow smooth
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