[OpenWrt-Devel] [PATCH 00/13] Allow to build subset of profiles for target

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Mon Jan 18 21:50:00 EST 2016

This patch series enables the selection and building of a subset
of profiles to build for a target, rather than the previous
limitation of only being able to build a single target (although
some platforms had profiles that built all other profiles for
the target, but that still ends up as an all-or-one proposition).

The first patch provides the infrastracture in the build system
to handle multiple profiles as well as the metadata infrastracture
which later patches use to provide profiles that select all other
profiles, or which allow a 'single profile' override that allows
selecting the same profiles as were previously available (either
an individual profiles, or a profile that builds all other profiles).

In the metadata the 'all profiles' profile and 'minimal' profiles
are not hardcoded but are managed via options in the metadata.

For the actual profiles definitions, I have made the profile name
All (display text 'All Profiles') the one that selects all other
profiles, and generally allowed a Default profile, but with a
make flag to skip building it (so that default can select a default
set of packages, without being a profile that actually builds

For some targets I have added the 'All' profile only do the default
of selecting all profiles but not had it skip trying to build all
other profiles (and for the targets which did not already have
a build all profile, don't allow selecting the 'All' profile as
the 'single profile' option since I didn't want to get into adding
the build all profile as part of this patch series).

[PATCH 01/13] build metadata: Allow to build a subset of profiles in
[PATCH 02/13] ar71xx: Allow to select a subset of profiles for
[PATCH 03/13] at91: Translate the build all profiles profile to new
[PATCH 04/13] mvebu: Translate the build all profiles profile to new
[PATCH 05/13] ramips: Translate the build all profiles profile to new
[PATCH 06/13] mpc85xx: Translate the build all profiles profile to
[PATCH 07/13] arc770: Translate the build all profiles profile to new
[PATCH 08/13] brcm63xx: Translate the build all profiles profile to
[PATCH 09/13] sunxi: Add an 'All Profiles' profile
[PATCH 10/13] kirkwood: Add an 'All Profiles' profile
[PATCH 11/13] adm5120: Translate existing all profiles profiles to
[PATCH 12/13] lantiq: Add an 'All Profiles' profile
[PATCH 13/13] brcm47xx: Add an 'All Profiles' profile
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