[OpenWrt-Devel] lantiq: replace the target specific mtdsplit parsers

Martin Blumenstingl martin.blumenstingl at googlemail.com
Fri Jan 15 18:59:05 EST 2016

This patchset solves multiple problems:
- mtdsplit code for TP-Link images was partially duplicated within the
  lantiq target. The generic implementation supports also v1 and v3 images,
  instead of "just" v2.
- mtdsplit_brnimage fixes a bug in the existing brnImage parser. The old
  code assumed that rootfs_data can be extended to the end of the partition.
  This is not true (at least for brnboot 1.07 and newer), because there
  is a brnboot specific 12 byte footer at the end of each firmware
  partition. Once OpenWrt was booted on such devices (for example
  VGV7510KW22) brnboot refused to boot the image again because the footer
  was overwritten by the rootfs_data partition.
- mtdsplit_eva was the last parser within the lantiq target. As far as I
  know EVA images could also be used on AR7 and "Ikanos" devices, so I
  decided to move this code as well.
- mtdsplit_squashfs assumes so far that the end of the "parent" partition
  is aligned at an erase-block. However for brnImages this is not the case
  (see the description above - there is a 12 byte footer at the end of the
  parent partition which mtdsplit_squashfs must not touch). Thus we round
  the size to the previous erase-block (which should not change anything
  for any of the existing image parsers, except brnImage).

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