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Vincent Fortier th0ma7 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 11 16:29:09 EST 2016

(Re-submitting as I needed to subscribe first... )

Thnx for the info.  I presume I should then submit my request for proposal
within this mailing list?  If so here is a bit more details surrounding my
use case:

It all started with this really well made documentation that I wished to
impleted (dynamic vlan over wifi):

The issue I have is that we must provide a brige name suffix for this to
work.  I was hoping that instead it could be possible to provide a list of
bridge names instead.
Option could be either using a different parameter or something else?
1- if there is a single parameter to vlan_bridge use it as a suffix
2- if there are many parameter use the list of bridge names
This could also be implemented differently or using a new parameter, what
ever fits best (if any).

The underlying issue is that otherwise renaming all bridge to br-vlanX
totally removes the clarity of the various naming of each interfaces and
moves the configuration even farther from out of the box.

In my case I have 4 vlans whereas I would pass 3 of them as follow (if
feature ever added):
option vlan_bridge 'br-lan' 'br-media' 'br-guest'

To put more context to it here is an extract of the documentation:
...First, we must name our interfaces in /etc/config/network based on their
VLAN such as vlan1 and vlan3. This causes OpenWRT to name the bridges it
creates br-vlan1 and br-vlan3. Second, we set the vlan_bridge option in
/etc/config/wireless to "br-vlan" and the vlan_naming option to "0" what
this does is tell hostapd to create bridges using the br-vlanY naming
convention (where Y is the VLAN number)....

I'm sure there are more to it which may block such a request but I tought
it was worth asking.

Thnx in advance!

- vin

Le lun. 11 janv. 2016 à 07:06, OpenWrt <openwrt-devel at lists.openwrt.org> a
écrit :

> #21573: hostapd: Full Dynamic VLAN support - vlan_bridge name list
> -----------------------+--------------------------------
>   Reporter:  th0ma7    |      Owner:  developers
>       Type:  defect    |     Status:  closed
>   Priority:  normal    |  Milestone:
>  Component:  packages  |    Version:  Chaos Calmer 15.05
> Resolution:  fixed     |   Keywords:
> -----------------------+--------------------------------
> Changes (by jow):
>  * status:  new => closed
>  * resolution:   => fixed
> Comment:
>  This is not valid uci:
>  `option 'vlan_bridge' 'br-lan' 'br-media' 'br-guest'`
>  Also, I see no indication that vanilla hostapd.conf allows multiple vlan
>  bridges either and finally this ticket is a feature request and not a bug.
>  Please send a *clear* and *detailed* proposal to the development list
>  outlining your wanted change.
>  Explain how the resulting hostapd.conf must be generated and how an
>  example (uci) configuration would look like.
>  Alternatively send your proposal in the form of a patch. Please do not
>  open a ticket unless there is an actual bug or regression.
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> Ticket URL: <https://dev.openwrt.org/ticket/21573#comment:2>
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