[OpenWrt-Devel] [RFC] [zynq] Add new target zynq

Jason Wu jason.wu.misc at gmail.com
Thu Jan 7 08:45:58 EST 2016

Hi Felix,

Since the QSPI driver is not in the Linux 4.4-rc8 and porting the QSPI 
driver from Xilinx kernel did not work straight away.

Currently the system boots from MMC/SD and works. I could potentially 
modify the uEnv.txt file to boot a MMC/SD root. or we leave as it is and 
it is upto user to set up rootfs overlay on MMC/SD/USB.



On 16/12/2015 12:47 PM, Jason Wu wrote:
> Hi Felix,
> The QSPI driver is not in Linux 4.4-rc5 either. I could add the driver
> from Xilinx Linux repo. This is not an issue.
> I will update Kernel to Linux 4.4-rc5.
> Best regards,
> Jason
> On 16/12/2015 6:31 AM, Felix Fietkau wrote:
>> On 2015-12-15 13:31, Jason Wu wrote:
>>> Add support for Xilinx ZC702 Dev board
>>> Zynq target is sing 4.1 kernel and mainline 2016.1-rc2 u-boot.
>>> Currently the 4.1 kernel does not have Zynq PS QSPI driver. Thus no
>>> QSPI flash support yet.
>>> I symbolic linked /init with /sbin/init in the rootfs, I am sure this
>>> is acceptable from OpenWrt (although this can be workaround with
>>> rdinit="/sbin/init" in bootargs but requires DTS modification).
>>> Patch is tested with Xilinx ZC702 Dev board.
>>> Signed-off-by: Jason Wu <jason.wu.misc at gmail.com>
>> Do newer kernels have the drivers you need? Since the next release is
>> going to be based on Linux 4.4, you might want to update it to 4.4-rc5
>> and resubmit.
>> - Felix
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