[OpenWrt-Devel] [PATCH] add UCI option for leasetime per static host

Hannu Nyman hannu.nyman at iki.fi
Tue Jan 5 06:57:23 EST 2016

Felix Fietkau  wrote at Sun Jan 3 21:19:20 CET 2016:
 > On 2015-12-30 06:28, ufomanfred at freaktose.net wrote:
 > > Hi guys,
 > >
 > > I wanted to use this feature and decided to figure out how to commit to the
 > > ...
 > Patch is still broken (line wrapped).
 > Also, the subject should have a proper prefix, e.g. 'dnsmasq:' and
 > ...

Jumping into the discussion:
I had a similar patch ready in my own build, so I submitted a hopefully 
correct version as
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