[OpenWrt-Devel] [PATCH 11/14] target/imagebuilder: Add ability to menuconfig image options

Felix Fietkau nbd at openwrt.org
Sun Jan 3 08:33:05 EST 2016

On 2016-01-03 07:02, openwrt at daniel.thecshore.com wrote:
> From: Daniel Dickinson <openwrt at daniel.thecshore.com>
> It is convenient to be able to change image generation options
> (including types of images, version information, and things
> like squashfs parameters) at the time of image generations,
> therefore add ability to do image generation menuconfig in
> ImageBuilder.
> Signed-off-by: Daniel Dickinson <openwrt at daniel.thecshore.com>
I think for this kind of configuration, adding menuconfig to the image
builder is overkill.
Why not just let the user edit a text file instead?

- Felix
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