[OpenWrt-Devel] Weird ethernet setup on DIR-505

Matthias Schiffer mschiffer at universe-factory.net
Sun Feb 28 14:46:46 EST 2016

I've noticed that the DIR-505 has a very weird network setup:

(1) The kernel sets up eth0 and eth1; the DIR-505 has only one ethernet
port though, so eth0 is always dead. /etc/config/network is setup to
only use eth1.
(2) The single status LED is currently abused as ethernet traffic
indicator. This is quite confusing if you use the device as a repeater
or mesh node without ethernet, as the LED is just off all the time. I'd
prefer to just keep it the status LED by default, the stock firmware
doesn't have an ethernet indicator either.

Would patches for these issues be accepted?

Especially issue (1) obviously leads to migration issues (and it's like
this since BB), as making the single LAN port eth0 will leave failsafe
mode as the only way to access the device with eth1 in
/etc/config/network. I'd like to see this fixed, but I could understand
if you see fixing this as a greater hassle than keeping it broken...


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