[OpenWrt-Devel] uci_lookup_ptr() seg fault

Farid Farid farid21657 at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 16 13:12:08 EST 2016

Hi All,
I am getting seg fault sometimes on the uci_lookup_ptr() call. here is the way I call this function:It happens I would say once every couple of hundred calls.I appreciate if someone can help and guide me how to debug this issue.I have tried it with uci package from 2016-02-02

char *
get_uci_option_api (char* file_name , char* section_name , char* section_value , char* option_name)
    struct uci_element *e;
    struct uci_section *s = NULL;
    struct uci_package *pkg;
    struct uci_context *m_uci;
    struct uci_ptr  ptr;

    m_uci = uci_alloc_context();
    if (!m_uci)
        return NULL;

    uci_load ( m_uci , file_name , &pkg);
    memset(&ptr,0,sizeof(struct uci_ptr));

    ptr.option = NULL;
    ptr.section = section_value;
    ptr.package =  file_name;
    ptr.value = section_name;
    if (!uci_lookup_ptr(pkg->ctx, &ptr , NULL , true))
        s = ptr.s;
        s = NULL;

    if (!s)
        return NULL;

    uci_foreach_element (&s->options, e)
        if (!strcmp (e->name, option_name))
            struct uci_option *o = uci_to_option (e);
            if (o->type == UCI_TYPE_STRING)
                return o->v.string;
              return NULL;

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