[OpenWrt-Devel] Dropping drop ifconfig/route patches

Daniel Dickinson openwrt at daniel.thecshore.com
Tue Feb 16 00:39:29 EST 2016


As I still don't have working patchwork and the patchwork admin hasn't 
gotten back to me on the issue, could you drop the patches from 
patchwork for removing using of ifconfig/route in favour of ip.

I looked at the actual size of ifconfig/route (<5k) and concluded that 
for the amount of work it is to set up a test environment needed to 
adequately test that kind of change it's simply not worth the effort.

I'm mostly not working on low-level networking except to setup the 
multiple vlans on real router and virtual router + routing vlan on 
virtual router within the desired vlan on real router setup (that is 
keep e.g. home traffic within home vlan) I have (and using the dnsmasq 
changes I sent with great success for giving my disjoint networks on the 
same router; the one piece I have to take the time to figure out is how 
to block routing between sets of networks (e.g. guest can only talk wan 
at a routing level, in addition to (at that point unnecessary for 
preventing subnet-to-subnet access) firewall.

In short, making the changes is relatively straightforward, but it takes 
a lot of effort to actually verify it's been done right, rather than 
just tossing the changes out, and the gains don't justify the time cost.


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