[OpenWrt-Devel] [PATCH][ar71xx] Routerboard 951G Switch Fix

Baptiste Jonglez baptiste at bitsofnetworks.org
Sun Feb 14 13:42:13 EST 2016


On Wed, Jan 27, 2016 at 07:03:58PM +0300, Anton Kalmykov wrote:
> Hi, 951G owners!
> I have RB951G-2HnD device with AR9344 rev 3. It is configured like that:
> - Balanced 2 WAN ports (mwan3)
> - ipsec LAN-to-LAN
> - OpenVPN server
> - about 30 clients (wi-fi, lan)
> My results for different ath79_eth0_pll_data.pll_1000 values:
> 0x3e000000 - it worked fine with Barrier Breaker, but sometimes (one or two times per day) it was restarting suddenly. It was happening after I have configured mwan3.

Interesting!  I have been using 0x3e000000 with CC (r47071) on a
RB951G-2HnD.  It works fine at first, but the router crashes regularly,
about every 10 days.

I am not sure whether it's really a crash, or just the switch becoming
irresponsive, since I have no physical access.

So, 0x6f000000 looks like a better bet (but I haven't tested).
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