[OpenWrt-Devel] Introducing new IP Virtual Server package and kernel modules

Mauro M. gluster at ezplanet.net
Sat Feb 13 09:47:29 EST 2016


I am new to this list and this is my first post.

I included a new package into OpenWRT, both cc15.05 and trunk, to add Load
Balancer capability using Linux IP Virtual Server:


I have been testing both CC and trunk build on different Netgear and
Buffalo routers for the last three weeks. Everything works as expected and
I did not find any stability issues being introduced.

I would like to understand if and how it would be possible to include the
new package into the mainstream. I can offer to be a maintainer of this
package and in future to add startup and uci configuration scripts (at the
moment one would have to create his own startup and configuration).

Yesterday I tried to add the new files and commit the changes to existing
files via git (trunk). I am not sure if these reached the destination as I
have not used any authentication credentials.

Please could you guide me through the correct process?

Thank you in advance,
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