[OpenWrt-Devel] make -j8 download. fails every time.

Kenneth Johansson kenneth at southpole.se
Fri Feb 12 13:38:11 EST 2016

Something is wrong with the download script.

do a distclean or rm -rf dl/*.
then download all the files with

make -j8 download.

This also shows up in a normal "make -j8" but only rarely. I originally 
thought that the script might have used a temporary file that always 
have the same name or something like that but I don't really read perl 
that well and I have not figured out what the problem really is.

the error is always at this line
     my $sum = `cat "$target/$filename.md5sum"`;

the file do not exist. ex:

No such file or directory
Could not generate md5sum
Makefile:41: recipe for target 
'/home/kenjo/proj/inteno/openwrt/openwrt/dl/uClibc-' failed
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