[OpenWrt-Devel] [RFC] replace outdated udev by eudev?

Daniel Golle daniel at makrotopia.org
Sun Feb 7 04:22:33 EST 2016


I recently bumped into eudev, a fork of systemd-udev 220 which doesn't
require all the rest of systemd. The gentoo folks came up with it as
many of them still use OpenRC or SystemV init.
It was easy to port it to OpenWrt by re-using and modifying the
existing udev packaging. See

However, there are some problems which I'd like to discuss:
* PROVIDES and CONFLICTS doesn't work well in opkg and proper support
  for alternative packages (except for build-variants) is missing in
  buildroot. Any idea on how this could be fixed?
* Why is udev-173 part of core? I can't see what actually depends on it
  since udevtrigger is provided by procd for ages now.
* eudev and udev conflict also in terms of InstallDev providing the
  same header filenames and consuming packages expect to find them
  there. This means they cannot co-exist in the same buildroot without
  overwriting each others staging files...
* We could just switch to eudev instead of the (unmaintained and
  outdated) version of udev we currently got -- however,
* eudev got almost twice of the binary size of udev...

The main reason why I'd like to have udev is persistent aliasing of
(hotpluggable) serial devices like wwan modems and input devices; udev
is required for libinput to build.

Please share your ideas and opinions on the issues above and whatever
else comes to your mind when you think about udev and linux hotplug on


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