[OpenWrt-Devel] Target profile from feed

Zoltan Gyarmati mr.zoltan.gyarmati at gmail.com
Mon Dec 12 20:04:56 EST 2016

Dear All,

I'm starting to set up a board configuration for a customized HW based
on the RT535F-Olinuxino board. I need some target profile level
customization, so i want to create a profile let's say
"RT535F-Olinuxino-MyBoard",  but i would like to avoid patching the
OpenWrt tree itself in order to make the later OpenWrt updates earlier
(and keep separated what possible to send upstream and what not), so i
would like to keep my new profile in a feed.

 Unfortunately i failed to find any example or tutorial how to do this,
the closest i found is as an example is:


but this adds a complete target (like

Can someone perhaps point me to an example or a tutorial for this?

Thanks in advance, br

Zoltan Gyarmati

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