[OpenWrt-Devel] latency on PPPoA ADSL Annex A on using Lantiq

Daniel Niasoff daniel at redactus.co.uk
Tue Aug 9 08:23:10 EDT 2016

Thanks Mathias, will generate a build.

Last time I tried chaos chalmer, I couldn't get VDSL to work (I personally use VDSL), it wouldn't get line sync, but I'll try  again and use different firmware if required.



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Hey Daniel,

2016-08-09 10:17 GMT+02:00 Daniel Niasoff <daniel at redactus.co.uk>:
> Hi Martin/John,
> Can you give us an idea where to look. If I use an external modem in bridge mode and run PPPoE on the router then it works fine.

Can you reproduce the issue using the TD-W8970 chaos calmer image?
Beside the wireless, the image should work fine on the TD-W8980.

Just to make sure it isn't a recently introduced issue.

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