[OpenWrt-Devel] Add support for TP-Link Archer C2600

Darryl Sokoloski darryl at sokoloski.ca
Wed Apr 20 01:55:26 EDT 2016

Add initial support for Archer C2600 to Makefiles, profiles, led/network config, and hotplug script.  Together with firmware-utils and mac80211 patches this is sufficient to build a working factory image flashable both from stock web ui and bootloader tftp recovery.  Sysupgrade is working as well. Added hotplug script is adapted from existing script for ar71xx which copies wireless calibration data from ART partition in flash to appropriate place in /lib/firmware.  The device tree file is similar to the current ap148 dts, with sata and nand removed, and buttons/led's added.

Working: Wired network, wireless (both bands), power/status/lan/wan/usb led's

Not working: wireless status led's (these are not controlled through gpio, but rather through the QCA9980 pcie chips).  Also there is no way to set the wan led to orange, which is possible in the stock firmware.  Kernel 4.1 build does not boot currently.

Not tested: Hardware buttons.

Patches by Josh Bendavid <joshbendavid at gmail.com>
Submitted by Darryl Sokoloski <darryl at sokoloski.ca>

[PATCH 1/9] include/image.mk: Add TP-Link image safe-loader define
[PATCH 2/9] tools/tplink-safeloader: Add support for Archer C2600
[PATCH 3/9] ipq806x: Add Archer C2600 to image Makefile
[PATCH 4/9] ipq806x/base-files: Add Archer C2600 board LEDs/network
[PATCH 5/9] ipq806x/base-files: Add support for Archer C2600
[PATCH 6/9] ipq806x/base-files: Extract ath10k calibration data
[PATCH 7/9] ipq806x/profiles: Add TP-Link profile with C2600 support
[PATCH 8/9] ipq806x/dts: Add Archer C2600 DTSI
[PATCH 9/9] kernel/mac80211: Skip ath10k OTP check if caldata found
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