[OpenWrt-Devel] How to add ubus users?

Jo-Philipp Wich jow at openwrt.org
Fri Sep 25 13:32:02 EDT 2015

Hi Christoph,

to add further logins to ubus simply add further "config login" sections
to /etc/config/rpcd.

In the same config login section you reference the ACL groups the user
should have access to, e.g.

config login
  option username guest
  option password '$1$$I2o9Z7NcvQAKp7wyCTlia0'
  list read group4
  list write group1
  list write group2
  list write group3


If the password option is specified like "$p$<user>" then the password
hash for <user> is validated against /etc/shadow.

If the password option is specified like "$1$<hash>" then the client
supplied login password is hashed through crypt() and compared against
the hash in the config. You can generate such a hash with "mkpasswd -5
password" or "uhttpd -m password".

Note that "write" implies "read" permission so there's no need to
reference groups twice.

The list write / list read options also allow globbing and negation so
you can e.g. specify:

  list write foo*
  list write !foobar

This would grant access to any ACL group with a name beginning in "foo"
but not to the group called "foobar".


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