[OpenWrt-Devel] [PATCH] dnsmasq: prevent forwarding RFC6303 zones

Kevin Darbyshire-Bryant kevin at darbyshire-bryant.me.uk
Thu Sep 24 14:05:26 EDT 2015

On 24/09/15 17:54, Steven Barth wrote:
> Okay, we can do this, however we need to figure 3 things out first.
> 1. Disable boguspriv, doing both is unintuitive.
ok, so extra lines for .10, 16-32.172, 168.192  - an extra 18 lines in
total.   And an update to luci to remove the bogus priv tick box?
> 2. Make sure it doesn't broke reverse resolving locally known hosts,
> i.e. those in the hostfiles and those that have a DHCP lease.
It doesn't. nslookups for my local boxes on 192.168.n.x configured
either as known hosts or as dhcp leases work fine.  I'd like to think I
would have noticed if it didn't.
> 3. Make sure that doesn't break applications that sub-delegate some of
> those addresses (i.e. I have an application that delegates certain
> private reverse zones to another server/router in the lan), it does
> this by placing similar entries into /tmp/dnsmasq.d/ for the
> respective zones.
May I suggest that is a 'special use' case and requires sensible, extra
configuration just like many other uses.  I'm suggesting an Internet
friendly default, admittedly one that requires extra effort to disable
if a use case requires.


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