[OpenWrt-Devel] ZyXEL NBG4615

Nerijus Baliunas nerijus at users.sourceforge.net
Wed Sep 23 10:54:40 EDT 2015

On Sat, 19 Sep 2015 12:11:06 +0200 John Crispin <blogic at openwrt.org> wrote:

> rt305x has a rgmii that the switch connects to. however we dont have
> support in the driver for that rgmii port. you will need to first atch
> the driver to support the rgmii interface and then hook up the switch
> driver.

As I don't know how to hook the switch driver, I tried to copy ar8216.c and .h
to drivers/net/ethernet/ralink, added ar8216.o to Makefile, but when compiling
I get an error:
  CC      drivers/net/ethernet/ralink/ar8216.o
drivers/net/ethernet/ralink/ar8216.c: In function 'ar8216_mangle_tx':
drivers/net/ethernet/ralink/ar8216.c:482:32: error: 'struct net_device' has no member named 'phy_ptr'
  struct ar8xxx_priv *priv = dev->phy_ptr;

Then I plan to add ar8xxx_init(); to ralink_soc_eth.c, but it probably is a bad idea.
Could anyone guide me?

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