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I'm quite new to OpenWrt and being faced with an existing build tree here. After reading nearly everything I could force Google to bubble it up to the top result pages, I'm still struggling with a simple question.

Our build tree is full of custom patches to different packages, mainly in the openwrt/package directory. This makes it close to impossible to update the repository to a new OpenWrt version without producing a good bunch of merge conflicts. Besides that, there is our custom feed with additional packages, mainly with custom built software.

What I understood so far is, that you can bring in new packages with feeds. But how can I move our changes to the core packages in openwrt/package apart into a per-project structure to keep the openwrt/package folder clean for updates?

I've worked in the past with ptxdist, where you have a base build system (the ptxdist distribution) with a package repository where you can select packages from. On top of this, you have per project its own directory, containing the project specific build configuration and the project specific packages plus a project specific rootfs overlay. This makes it very easy: Just put a file in the project specific rootfs and this one makes it into the images instead of the default one. Just put a package into the project specific package directory and this one gets build instead of the default one.

Can someone please help me to find the proper places in OpenWrt to store the per-project settings? Especially the per-project Makefiles (mostly, we are influencing the build process or the package creation process).

Thank you very much.

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