[OpenWrt-Devel] ralink: RX buffer length setting in ralink_soc_eth.c

Sven Eckelmann sven at open-mesh.com
Tue Sep 15 10:34:59 EDT 2015


I am currently searching for the reason that MT7621a doesn't want to
receive 1526 byte large ethernet frames (1500 mtu, 14 eth hdr, 4 byte
outer vlan hdr, 4 byte inner vlan hdr, 4 byte fcs).

One thing I found during my search was the odd looking way the PDMA Rx
descriptors were written.

    		if (priv->flags & FE_FLAG_RX_SG_DMA)
    			ring->rx_dma[i].rxd2 = RX_DMA_PLEN0(ring->rx_buf_size);
    			ring->rx_dma[i].rxd2 = RX_DMA_LSO;

This assigment with RX_DMA_PLEN0 happens in two places. And here comes
the problem:

    #define RX_DMA_PLEN0(_x)	(((_x) >> 16) & 0x3fff)

The rx_buf_size length should be something like 1536. And so this macro
always calculates as result a nice "0" (1536 / 65536 -> 0). I would
guess that the actual macro should be:

    #define RX_DMA_PLEN0(_x)	(((_x) & 0x3fff) << 16)

There is one other place (beside the two previously mentioned ones)
where it is used - but this time to read the received bytes:

    pktlen = RX_DMA_PLEN0(trxd.rxd2);

If it is read from the the same place then there should be a second
macro which then could be used here:

     #define RX_DMA_PLEN0_GET(_x)	(((_x) >> 16) & 0x3fff)

     pktlen = RX_DMA_PLEN0_GET(trxd.rxd2);

It did not solve my problem but maybe is a different problem which
may causes other interesting things (or maybe I am completely wrong).

Kind regards,
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