[OpenWrt-Devel] i2c device not in /dev

John Crispin blogic at openwrt.org
Mon Sep 14 13:47:08 EDT 2015

On 14/09/2015 19:28, Baptiste Clenet wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm using a MT7628 chip and I try to implement an I2C device which
> will use i2c-ralink adapter. I registered my i2c device with
> module_i2c_driver(i2c_device_driver);
> I can see it on my bus:
> ./sys/bus/i2c/drivers/i2c_device_driver
> But it doesn't appear in /dev.
> What am I doing wrong?
> Regards,

you are missing CONFIG_I2C_CHARDEV in the kernel config

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