[OpenWrt-Devel] UniFi-AC-LR ( or UniFi-AC-LITE )

David Hutchison dhutchison at bluemesh.net
Mon Oct 26 18:16:47 EDT 2015

I just got this board and I am looking to port OpenWRT to it. I have
taken this board apart and can receive serial, however TX doesn't
appear to work ( Maybe there is a GPIO, I need to toggle? ). These two
new UniFi-AC boards have the new QCA953x processor in them ( LITE and
LR ). This is not the Broadcom 48V UniFi that is already supported;
these just came out.

I was hoping to reach out to the group who have experience building
the image with the proper "MAGIC HEADER". TFTP will not accept the
image and think the image is invalid unless the proper header exists.
With other board ports I have grabbed the original AirOS firmware, and
you could see the header at the top of the .bin. However with UniFi
they don't seem to have the image easily downloadable.

I am hoping if anyone would have any insight to finding this? Once I
can TFTP an image onto it; I can try making an architecture patch for

-- Davey
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