[OpenWrt-Devel] SVN to GIT transition

Javier Domingo Cansino javierdo1 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 12 05:44:17 EDT 2015

> that reminded me to check, and indeed, I only use
> git://git.openwrt.org/openwrt.git anyway :)
I do use the openwrt mirror github hosts, and I suppose is mirroring that

I think it's already given all the points in Git vs SVN, so I will speak
about self hosting and git interfaces.

I suppose many of you have already worked with Github, Gitlab, gitolite and
gerrit for hosting. I reviewed a book on gitolite a few years ago, I have
been using Github for past 5 years, and made some Gitlab CE self-hosted

First of all, I don't like gerrit because of the workflow it imposes and
the limitations compared to Gitlab/Github. gitolite doesn't have a web
interface, is just a git hosting tool, which btw is used for linux dev
since kernel.org was compromised. And gitlab/github are pretty similar.

If you are not willing to change the workflow, nor giving any kind of
enhanced experience, you should probably go with gitolite. It's easy to
manage, and it allows you to manage permissions per-branch, and does even
let you deny pushes depending on the path you modify. Which I have read is
interesting for maintainers. It's a really extensible and complete hosting

However, I firmly believe that if you are going through any kind of
changing process, you should probably stick with the most accessible tool.

I would propose you installed/hired Gitlab, changed the project to git,
continue with the same workflow, and then decide a proper workflow for your
project while you get accustomed to the new interface. Later, you can
switch to using the gitlab issues / forks / merge requests.

There are tools to migrate issues between systems, so if desired,
historical issues could be maintained.

​I would however not use submodules. You can just rip off the kernel and
treat it as another project, which in my opinion is the best way of
handling multiple projects, rather than including submodules for everything.

Anyway, that last bit it's ok if you want to go with it, from my
experience, I really don't like it, but I have seen project do good with it.

Javier Domingo Cansino
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