[OpenWrt-Devel] SVN to GIT transition

Steven Barth cyrus at openwrt.org
Mon Oct 12 03:07:59 EDT 2015

>> Let's face it though: the current workflow wrt. core patches is crappy.
>> 1. Go to patchwork, see if there is a patch
>> 2. If you want to comment, switch to mail client, find thread, write reply.
>> 3. If you want to commit: download patch, go to command line, see if it applies
>> 4. Then manually go back to patchwork and adjust the status of the patch.
>> 5. Upon merging go back to mail and write a mail ala "Patch Accepted".
>> Sure could use pwclient and ocassionally do, however it does essentially one thing
>> only: save me the download step. Yes, I can also save me the click back to the
>> browser to hit accept and can do that via CLI (if I remember the cryptic switches).
>> On top of that now I have to deal with an opaque 5 or 6-digit patch id in my head.
>> Compared to Github, Gitlab or Gerrit this is bullshit.
> lets face it, it works very well. if you find it crappy then please
> provide consistent reasons why this is so.
If you find the steps above a sensible workflow,  i.e., I essentially need to switch
between 3 different programs having no connection between one another at all
to merge a patch then I don't know what arguments could actually convince you.

> currently having people look at every patch while merging it is very
> usefull and leads to a solid codebase.
So, the assumptions is, because its email everyone reads everything and magically
doesn't filter by subject etc. and when you switch to Gitlab or similar people suddenly

Tbh. I don't care if its email or some sort of web-based stuff, as long as tracking
the patches actually doesn't add more overhead than it delivers value aka. the way
we use patchwork.

If we had a patch-tracker that let's me reply (send mail) directly from the gui and
optionally doesn't make it a stupid hassle to merge a whole patchset then I don't
have a problem with e-mail. I'm sorry that I actually value my free time when doing
either volunteer or paid work.

And don't get me started about having a completely different Issuetracker with
different credentials etc.

> having the github "click and merge" stuff will lead to people "clicking
> and merging" and not reviewing it properly.
So, you don't trust the same group of people having push-access if they
would be using a web-interface over the current e-mail approach?

> i understand that some people love to upload their data to us based
> cloud services. but then again i would argue that this is a really illy
> thing to do for a whole number of reasons. first of all our dependence
> on that $corporation
Right, because a self-hosted Gitlab or Gerrit instance will send data to the US.
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