[OpenWrt-Devel] SVN to GIT transition

John Crispin blogic at openwrt.org
Mon Oct 12 02:46:56 EDT 2015

On 12/10/2015 08:38, Steven Barth wrote:
> Let's face it though: the current workflow wrt. core patches is crappy.
> 1. Go to patchwork, see if there is a patch
> 2. If you want to comment, switch to mail client, find thread, write reply.
> 3. If you want to commit: download patch, go to command line, see if it applies
> 4. Then manually go back to patchwork and adjust the status of the patch.
> 5. Upon merging go back to mail and write a mail ala "Patch Accepted".
> Sure could use pwclient and ocassionally do, however it does essentially one thing
> only: save me the download step. Yes, I can also save me the click back to the
> browser to hit accept and can do that via CLI (if I remember the cryptic switches).
> On top of that now I have to deal with an opaque 5 or 6-digit patch id in my head.
> Compared to Github, Gitlab or Gerrit this is bullshit.

lets face it, it works very well. if you find it crappy then please
provide consistent reasons why this is so.

so far this thread has brought fwd that

* it is crappy
* Turrit does not work well
* we think github is better
* the version history gets lost

the only valid argument i have seen so far is that the history gets
lost. the rest is just web20 convenient feature requirements.

currently having people look at every patch while merging it is very
usefull and leads to a solid codebase.

having the github "click and merge" stuff will lead to people "clicking
and merging" and not reviewing it properly.

i understand that some people love to upload their data to us based
cloud services. but then again i would argue that this is a really illy
thing to do for a whole number of reasons. first of all our dependence
on that $corporation

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