[OpenWrt-Devel] SVN to GIT transition

Attila Lendvai attila at lendvai.name
Sun Oct 11 17:16:48 EDT 2015

> Just my 2-cents
> IF it isn't BROKEN....please DON'T fix it.

the question here is: how much time coders (maintainers, contributors,
and users) would spare if the administration was shifted to a
different infrastructure.

i cannot grow to like git (i still prefer darcs), but github simply
provides so many extra goodies around git, and with such a smooth
learning curve, that i think it's very much worth taking that road.

i think it'd also be worth having a separate kernel fork (repo) as
a git submodule under the openwrt git repo. it could have branches for
the corresponding openwrt branches, and with its separate commit
history it would make comparison with the mainline kernel way much
simpler than it is today.

potentially the same for some other projects as well, e.g. the
toolchain repos?

> Regarding downstream forks, would using Git also make it easier for
> people like project turris to push appropriate changes back into
> OpenWrt proper?

git checkout -b fixing-this-and-that
gitk [and cherrypick or tailor the branch with the gui as needed]
git push
go to github.com and create a pull request

the whole process can be shorter than 5 minutes, and after that anyone
can go and browse it among the open pull requests.

some more 0.02,

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